(180422) @shinetter twitter update “TOKYO TOWER RECORDS”本日最終日!…

(180422) @shinetter twitter update

“TOKYO TOWER RECORDS”本日最終日! オープンから沢山の方にお越し頂いています。本日の東京も暑いのでこれからお越しの皆さまは暑さ対策の上お越しください!
スタッフ一同、お待ちしております♪ #SHINee #FromNowOn

allaboutaemin:(180421) SWJ update – The song which has a…


(180421) SWJ update

– The song which has
a special place in your heart –

< Taemin >
♪ Boys Meet U
I had always wanted to go to Okinawa since we debuted in Japan. I was happy that we went there and shooted the MV. This song is cheerful, and it makes me feel happy as if I’m taking a vacation with my members.

< From the Staff >
“Boys Meet U” chosen by Taemin. The shooting in Okinawa which is what members were wishing for. Even though we were hit by a sudden shower in the middle, and even though it was very hot, they looked like they were enjoying everything, and the shooting was full of smiles / laughters. During the shooting, they were playing catch, tag, writing letters on the sands and gathering shells. They looked like a child, and it was impressive. They had Taco-rice (t/n: a popular dish in Okinawa) for the first time, too ^^ We think that since it was a pure-enjoyable shooting, it became such a memorable place enough for Taemin to still say “I wanna go to Okinawa again!”